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Experience the Power of Hair

Five Color Cowgirl Hair Design is a gracefully calm and quiet salon where you can master the power of your hair. Your satisfaction is the only intention.

That means the offerings are simple and clean. The Techniques are refined by years of performance. Services are fresh with ongoing education. Artistic expression is refined by your needs. And sharing this with you is Vaughnie’s greatest delight.

“I welcome you as my guest because it is a pleasure to reach out and create the most enjoyable moments of your day. Thank you for visiting my website today.”


Product Line

The right products to enhance your hair cut, color and texture is essential to your being able to master your styling regimen at home.



After launching over a decade ago at the trendy Devachan salon in New York City, DevaCurl quickly became the most popular curl care products among curly girls seeking to free their inner curl naturally. Free your inner Curl. Do the Deva 3-Step and discover three simple steps to perfect curls!



Created especially for professional colorists and their clients, Pureology is a salon haircare brand unlike any other. Our highly concentrated ZeroSulfate® (Sulfate Free) shampoos and the exclusive AntiFadeComplex® help color-treated hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy with every use, while our 100% Vegan, Dual Benefit Formulas provide custom care for every hair type.

Why Five Color Cowgirl?

“The name, Five Color Cowgirl Hair Design, definitely describes who I am and how I approach my business.”


The name has two parts. First, “Five Color” is the possibility of harmony and balance. It is loosely derived from the five elements in the theory of Feng Shui which is the idea of living in harmony and balance with our environment. The five elements each have a color associated with them, and they act as a whole to create and maintain the force of life.

Second, “Cowgirl” is the possibility of whimsy and daring. Cowgirls are a practical lot… and, that being said, they do have a lot of fun!

About Vaughnie

Vaughnie is a hairdresser and salon owner who takes those roles a bit further by incorporating coaching for her clients on mastering their hair. She believes her job is not done until her clients are able to create good hair days every day.  That translates to everyday beauty for you. As a salon owner she provides a peaceful and safe environment.

On a personal note; she is passionate about family, interior and environmental design, her dogs and horses, and exploring Idaho’s natural wonders.

Every day is a new adventure!

What’s Available

Cuts styles and trends come and go.

Your personal style and comforts are constant. The two are intertwined in an individualize haircut tailored for you. Your session begins with a thoughtful consultation and ends with a blow-dry & hair care suggestions. After all, a cut is only as good as your ability to reproduce it in your world.

Deva Cut*
From $50
Creative Cut
From $45
Children, under 12
Quick Cut

*A Deva Cut is for all you curly haired folks. Your hair will be cut dry – snipping & sculpting each curl at the correct location, cleansed, styled, defused dry, then detailed to perfection! Products as well as tips for caring for & maintaining your curls will be discussed. Deva Cuts retain their shape 2-4 times longer than traditional cuts. Live Curly—Live Free!



Color is to hair as icing is to cake.

It creates vibrancy and definition & the result is sweet. Careful consideration is given to design elements and ongoing care when placing color. The result is an extension of your personality and a compliment to your beauty.

  • Permanent Color Retouch: $63
  • Permanent Color Retouch & Refreshing Glaze: $80
  • Semi-Permanent Color: $63
  • Semi-Permanent Color Retouch & Refreshing Glaze: $80
  • Natural Weave (Just a few foils to accent): $45
  • Partial Weave (2/3 head): $80
  • With retouch OR glaze: $100
  • With retouch AND glaze: $120
  • Full Weave: $100
  • With retouch OR glaze: $125
  • With retouch AND glaze: $140


Waxing, Shaping & Tinting

One of life’s necessities – to define, enhance & accent.

  • Brow Shaping & Wax: $14
  • Brow Tint & Wax: $25

  • Lip or Chin Wax: $14
  • Full Facial Wax: $25


Most but not all services can be created equal – some may have special circumstances. Therefore, all prices are subject to change upon consultation with you.


Guarantee All services and products at Five Color Cowgirl are guaranteed! Any product may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase. Also if you are not completely satisfied with your hair service, please let us know right away and we will make adjustments. Please know that we are business people, and it is our goal to meet your expectations.

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Five Color Cowgirl
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Open: Weekdays by Appointment.

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